(Deutsch) Die LARP Lederrüstung Vendel gebaut in 17 Schritten

LARP Lederrüstung

Hey everyone, today I wanted to go into more detail showing you all just how simple Black Raven Armoury’s Vendel larp Body Armour design is to build starting with a simple step by step walkthrough oft he whole process… (Lots of detailed pictures).

First take out the instructions and check you have all your pieces. Identify first the five pieces of the back plate and lay them out as per my photo.

Rückenteile auslegen
lay back pieces

Once positioned, attach the panels with the first anchor rivets as pictured to get the basic shape of the armour.

attach side panels

Attach the side panels, then put the long rivet in the top of the big center panel and set the rivet.

Lange Niete setzen
set long rivet

Next, the long orange arrows show you in the photo the holes where you MUST put the longest rivets and broad rivet heads (basically all holes where the 3 layers of leather overlap each other to a thickness of 9.6mm so need the longest stem to connect).

Next, set the upper collar rivets (shorter rivets) then set more rivets along the long bottom strip (as you can see there are also two long rivets on the bottom(orange arrows).

den unteren Riemen anbringen
add bottom strap

The bottom strap may overlap a bit (in size Medium). To cut the overlapping piece, first put the outermost rivets on both sides as pictured.

Endnieten am unteren Riemen setzen
set outermost rivets on each side
Then, set outermost rivets on each side of the bottom strip, and cut the overlapping pieces flush with the edge of the armour with a sharp knife (please make sure you use this carefully and take any precautions nessasary to avoid injury)
überstehende Stücke abschneiden
cut overlapping pieces
Cut overlapping pieces as pictured, then finish putting in all the remaining rivets, leaving the three holes on either side panel as these will be filled later with the gusset panels and buckle sets.
restliche Nieten setzen
set remaining rivets

Now build the 10 buckles, feeding the buckle through the pre cut leather piece making sure the tongue and roller are facing AWAY from the end of the strap (as pictured)

Schnallen zusammenbauen
build the buckles
Build all the buckles in advance & locate according to the instructions, first on the back shoulders as shown.
restliche Nieten setzen
on the shoulders first

The side buckles will attached together with the rectangular gussets.

seitliche Schnallen setzen
add lateral buckles together with gusset

Feed the LONG rivet from the back, through the gusset panel, then through the side of the body armour, then through the buckle strap, then set FIRMLY.

seitliche Schnallen setzen
back plate is done
So thats the back complete, so lets start working on the front plate.
First, lay the pieces out as shown in the following picture.
Teile des Brustpanzers auslegen
lay the pieces of the front plate
First, rivet the side panels together then attach the center panel to the long upper side panels.
Seitenteile zusammensetzen und festnieten
put the side panels together and rivet them

Attach the center panel to the long upper side panels.

Mittelteil und obere Seitenteile zusammensetzen
center panel and upper side panels are put together

Next we attach the small scales, but please ONLY fit the rivets shown in the picture.

Schuppen setzen I
add scales I
First add the higher scales as pictured, then the second row of scales. Again, don’t add all rivets, but only those as shown on the picture. I found that by first adding rivets WITHOUT setting the caps, it gave me a good easy understanding of how the each plate goes into place.
Now add the lower scales, putting the leather panels like this photo.
Schuppen setzen II
add scales II
Oberteil und Unterteil verbinden
connect upper and lower part
Now you can connect the lower part of the body with the upper part and then finally attach the lower strip at the base of the leather armour.
Unteren Riemen anbringen
add bottom strap
Add the bottom strip, then you can attach the collar piece, but take note in my photos which rivets to leave off at this point as they use longer rivets.
Halsteil anbringen
add the collar piece

Then add all the straps (they are all identical). First at the shoulder, two straps to either side of the shoulder.

Riemen setzen I
add straps I

Then add the side straps.

restliche Riemen anbringen
add remaining straps

The following pictures shows you all holes where you must use the long rivets with broad rivet heads: where THREE layers of leather are connected.

lange Nieten an den markierten Stellen
set the long rivets
Set long rivets in the holes marked by the green arrows
There you go, all done !!
LARP Lederrüstung
The Vendel armour was designed as a very simple build, something that is easily possible within a couple of hours. I found that the final time really comes down to how you want to finish the armour… the colour effect and I will be following this blog up with some hints and tips from Alex Agricola of Black Raven Armoury.

Remember, everything you need, comes in the box, even a few extra spare rivets in case you mess up. Even this is something simple to fix. Just take 3mm drill and drill them out (just drill a hole in the rivet head and remove it with pointy pliers).

So, what do you think? Easy, hm?

So, what do you think? Easy, hm?

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